Four Make Believe Diet Myths You Should Never Fall For

Whether it’s what your mother keeps telling when you’re trying to diet because your grandmother’s helplessly holding on to it like she does to her ceramic dishes that have a sentimental attachment or an internet myth that’s going viral and everybody’s involuntarily falling for it, when it comes to weight loss and dieting, many popular myths and beliefs are mostly not true. Instagram Influencers and Celebrities on T.V shows might have possibly drilled you on what you should and shouldn’t eat and what diet works out best based on their beliefs. But falling for assumptions can have adverse consequences. Read below for busting those diets myths you probably have relied on.

Having a Zero-Fat Meal.

Small amounts of fat are necessary for your body to provide important fatty acids and to aid the process of absorbing fat soluble vitamins. If we don’t have the correct amount of fats in our meals, we are prone to encouraging dry skin and constipation. Olive and canola are great oil options you could use when you’re frying or baking. The recommended amount by any dietician is 3tsp a day, effectively taking in 135 calories per day from oil.

A Meal A Day To Keep Me Thin.

Whilst this belief is kind of old school and everyone knows it’s clearly wrong, we still follow it because well, eating a proper meal is the last thing that you want to do between tons of meetings to attend or assignments to finish off. However you should never skip a meal. Never. Maybe write it on a post it note and stick it on your office table or have reminders on your phone, since skipping meals can seriously bombard with you problems like you already don’t have them. Skipping meals can provoke your body to gauge on food at any given opportunity thus busting effectively all your weight loss plans. Starving also slows down your metabolism, storing the calories not used up into fat.

Cheating Makes My Diet Plan Go Down The Drain.

Can cheating make your diet plan redundant? The answer is, Drumroll, not at all. So yes you can binge on your favourite chocolate fudge once in a while and not feel guilty about it. It’s only wrong when you continuously seem to eat about nine cookies and only remember afterwards, you’ve got a diet plan to stick to. If you do happen to cook up a few dishes you learnt from your cooking classes Gold Coast,to satisfy your unhealthy cravings, then make up for it by going light the next day. There’s no need to be discouraged but just be careful on your next meal. Go for a really low calorie meal like a vegetable soup, a healthy salad, or a light sandwich.

Potatoes and Eggs? Never.

Nope. Nah. Nada. That’s not how it works. A potato and an egg both have about 80 calories each. In the egg, the yolk’s got about 50 and the white has 30. Although eggs account for an increased level of cholesterol, they are a good source of protein and essential nutrients. Having it twice a week will not have you worrying about thick thighs and a belly with layers like your favourite burgers. You can opt for boiled or parched eggs, preferably only the egg white as a menu option. Also it’s only wrong when you’re paying money to buy a bag air and of course a few potato chips. But if you have potatoes without frying they’re actually good carbohydrates for your body.

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